Getting started

Before starting work, make sure that you have released the api key
Getting API key

Selecting the type of integration

There are 2 types of integration

  1. 1. Invoice

    This payment method is suitable for paying for goods with a specific amount.

    You can specify the currency, then the payer can select the cryptocurrency and network on the payment page.You can also specify the crypto-currency and network immediately, then a crypto-currency address will be generated and you can give it to the client.

    Once the client has paid, you will receive a notification - a webhook, which indicates the status, the payment amount and hash, as well as additional data (more details - Link )

    If the client didn’t pay, you will receive the cancel status.
    If the client sent the exact amount, you will receive a paid status.
    If the client sent a lower amount, you will receive the wrong_amount status.
    If the client sent a higher amount, you will receive the paid_over status.

    To allow the client to pay the rest, pass the parameter is_payment_multiple = true

    On the payment page, the client will be notified that there is a surcharge to be paid. If the client doesn't pay the rest of an amount, you will receive a webhook with the wrong_amount status, when the invoice expires.

  2. 2. Static wallet

    Suitable for balance top-up

    You can create a static address in a specific currency and network. The address will be attached to the order_id

    All transactions sent to this address will be credited regardless of the amount.